I needed a place to share the crazy. These are the things I came up with.


Riff & Click


Throwback to Ashland, Oregon senior year of high school. So many memories with those three. How the years fly <3. #tbt

I love my little Teddy Bear 🐶 #puppylove #daddyslittlepup

Back on that planet fitness though. I’ll let @countcamula take credit for my membership renewal.

George Washington Bridge after a nice evening run. Just bootyful. #gwb #sunset #theheights

#tbt to that time in high school I played a five year old… oh that theatre. Oh that place. The stories I could tell. #beenawhile

My mom hates this beanie. My best friend hates this beanie, my boyfriend hates this beanie. I LOVE this beanie, and I won’t say goodbye #plaidonplaid #needahaircut

Ben Khan - “Youth” (2014)

(Source: chamberlain / Ben Khan)

His face right at the end though. Just embrace the impact. 

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